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Hawkins Futura Deep-Fry Pan / Kadhai 1.5 Litre, Hard Anodised (AK15)

MRP Rs. 1080


  • Hard Anodised Aluminium - tough and durable, will not pit, tarnish or corrode and will stay looking new for years
  • The Pan is ideal for sautéing and stir-frying foods using minimal quantities of oil. It can also be used for deep-frying and for cooking gravies, curries and sauces
  • It is offered with elegant, comfortable Rosewood handles fixed on sturdy stainless steel brackets which are permanently riveted to the Pan. The handles are carefully designed to provide greater comfort and safety, particularly when handling heavy loads or hot oil
  • The Pan has a round bottom for greater convenience during stir-frying
  • Suitable for use on gas and kerosene stoves
  • Perfect for Batata Wadas (Potato Balls in Thick Batter), Cabbage & Peas – Bengal Style, Cheese Toasts, Fish Fingers, French Fries, Gulab Jamuns (Deep-Fried Milk Balls in Syrup), Kadai Masala Chicken (Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken), Kadai Paneer (Stir-Fried Cottage Cheese), Khasta Kachoris (Crusty Savoury Pastries), Masoor Croquettes (Lentil Croquettes), Medu Wadas (Savoury Doughnuts), Paneer Pakoras (Cottage Cheese Fritters), Puris (Fried Puffed Unleavened Bread), Rabri (Scrapped Cream Pudding), Sabudana Wadas (Sago Patties), Samosas (Savoury Stuffed Pastries), Shahi Tukra (Fried Bread Pudding), Spicy Fried Chicken, Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts & Vegetables, Stuffed Vegetable Cutlets, Vegetable Pakoras (Vegetable Fritters) and Vegetable Snacks on Toothpicks
  • Guarantee: 5 Years


Included components: 1 - Deep-fry Pan, 1 - Cookbook, 1 - Guarantee Card